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Basic information:


The city District Prague–Velka Chuchle stretches south from the city centre on the left bank of the Vltava river. The address of the local magistrate is U Skaly 262/2 in Prague 5.

Cadastral area:

Velka Chuchle, Mala Chuchle

Population - permanent residents in 2012:

2094 people


The city District Prague–Velka Chuchle is adjacent to the city districts Prague 5, Prague–Slivenec , Prague–Lochkov, Prague–Radotín, Prague–Zbraslav and Prague 12


public transport – bus lines 129, 241, 244,

(Travel time to/from the city centre is 10 to 20 mins)

regional bus routes in the direction of Dobris and Slapy

railway line Prague–Pilsen (the stop “Velka Chuchle” is located right at the race course, the travel time from/to the city centre is 10 mins)

water transport between Prague and Slapy (possibility of a trip)


Sokol Chuchle, volunteer firefighters, SK Čechoslovan Chuchle, VA Czech Union of Gardeners

Entertainment and recreation:

Race course Chuchle, Chuchle grove (small zoo, wellness area), educational trail - Barrandov Rocks - Chuchle grove

Interesting facts :

Chuchle was first mentioned in 1132 in the Chronicle of Canon of Vyšehrad in the legend of Bishop Menhart

Historic sights:

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (1774)

Spa (18th to 19th cent.)

Chapel of Our Lady (1753, 1901)

Church of St. John of Nepomuk (1729)

Pacold’s old lime kiln (second half of the 19th century)

Nature reserves:

Barrandov Rocks National Natural Monument (since 1982)

Chuchle Grove Nature Reserve (since 1982)

Homolka Nature Reserve (since 1982)

At The Race Course Natural Monument (since 1988)

Important area at the European level:

Chuchle grove (since 2012)

Local periodicals:

Chuchle newsletter , Race course Program

Website: www.chuchle.cz

Race course

The race course is the traditional meeting place not only for families with children but all Prague citizens and visitors to capital city.

Gallop races have a long tradition here since 1906. Nowadays races take place almost every Sunday from 2pm, between April and October

Parents with kids can take advantage of plenty of entertainment. Traditional and popular pony-rides are offered, and in 2006 a new entertainment centre for kids called “Hříbátka” (foals) was opened. It is located on the ground floor of betting hall with many attractions like balloon pool, slides, bouncy castle etc. Each week children can expect a program combining movement , music and competitive activities. The place is under continuous supervision of professionals, so parents can enjoy quite time in a neighbouring café.

The race course is easily accessible by train as its main entrance is just opposite the train stop Prague – Velka Chuchle.

More information is to be find at http://www.velka-chuchle.cz

Chuchle Grove

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Chuchle Grove and the mini zoo.

The Grove is located on a hill above Chuchle . According to a local legend the Grove is magical and there is a treasure hidden under one of the trees. That tree itself has a magical power, too, as it can boost tired people with new energy.

The forest can be accessed from Mala Chuchle following the yellow signs along a tourist trail up the hill (the terrain is not suitable for prams). Another, less difficult trail starts from the “Katonska” bus stop in Velka Chuchle , leading along the rail tracks, towards the church of Saint John of Nepomuk, which is one of Chuchle’s landmarks. This trail is suitable even for fit seniors. The longest, but the least difficult trail suitable even for families, starts from the “Velka Chuchle” bus stop and follows the yellow tourist signs along the streets “Starochuchelska” and “Pod Akaty”, towards the street “V Dolich”. The route then turns right to the forest. There is also a nature trail heading there from Barrandov rocks.

In the Grove there is a beautiful meadow with plenty of attractions where you can put your physical abilities to test. Do not miss our mini zoo kept by a local ranger. Here you can see a wide range of animals such as mouflons , deer , polar foxes, wild boars, lynx, buzzards, owls , and our special – a talking raven. The zoo with an adjacent refreshment spot is open 12pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays during summer time.

Trekking / Hiking

Chuchle is an ideal place for all lovers of longer treks as it is situated close to the most beautiful places around Prague: the Czech Karst nature reserve, the “Hřebeny” hills and the valley of the rivers Berounka, Vltava and Sazava.

The hilly landscape covered with forests is beautiful – if we disregard the litter left in the place by messy tourists. However, we don’t want to be like them at all. It would be a pitty not to see all those amazing places around. There is plenty of information on the internet and in the official tourist guides, but we will give you some useful hints:

In the southwest part (around the Berounka river) you should definitely visit the Karlstejn castle and also try some other scenic routes:

1. Beroun - Sv. Jan pod Skalou – Karlštejn

2. Beroun - Koněprusy - Tobolka - Srbsko with the possibility of extension to Karlštejn

3. Beroun - Tetín - Korno - Liteň - Běleč - Zadní Třebaň

4. Řevnice - U Šraňku - Černolice - Jíloviště - Zbraslav – Baně

5. Řevnice - Halouny - Liteň – Karlštejn

6. Dobřichovice - Karlík - Mořinka - Karlštejn - Zadní Třebaň

7. Dobřichovice - Vonoklasy – Černošce

8. Černošice - Kazín (kemping site with mini cabins) - Jíloviště - Zbraslav – Baně

9. Karlštejn - Malá Amerika - Mexiko - Velká Amerika - Mořina - Karlštejn.

In the south nearby the Vltava river you shouldn’t miss the town of Dobris with a beautiful chateaux and a museum of a famous Czech writer Karel Capek. You will find there plenty of nice restaurants with classic Czech cuisine. The routes are as follows:

1. Davle - Březová - Oleško - Vrané nad Vltavou - Hradiště Závist (památky na keltské osídlení) – Zbraslav

2. Měchenice - Trnová - Jíloviště – Všemíry

3. Davle - Líšnice - Řitka – Dobřichovice

4. Dobříš - Stará Huť - Strž - Nový Knín - Malá Hraštice

5. Bojov - Bojanovice - Bratřínov - Mníšek pod Brdy

6. Bojov - Bojanovice - Malá Lečice - Nový Knín - Malá Hraštice

7. Smíchovské nádraží - - Třebenice - Nová Rabyně

Worth the visit would also be all the places around the Sazava river, with access point from the train station in Zbraslav with occasional steam train rides. Suggested routes are:

1. Luka pod Medníkem - Jílové - Petrov - Pikovice – Petrov

2. The Sazava trail with an amazing view of the river starts in Petruv Privoz and leads to Kamenny Přívoz – with a possibility to extend the trek via Horní and Dolní Požáry all the way to Týnec nad Sázavou.

3. Borek - Jílové - Libeř – valley of the pictoresque Záhořansky stream leading up to Davle.

4. Poříčí nad Sázavou - Měsíční údolí - Konopiště - Týnec nad Sázavou.

There are plenty of other routes, and you can always pick the length and difficulty that suits you the best. All the routes have been tested by generations of hikers.

Our advice is not to sit in your hotel room, but get a proper hiking shoes and start exploring the beauties of our district and all the surrounding areas. You will be rewarded with improved health, amazing views and plenty of nice memories.